I just launched a new project: is a new website hosting a video project about photography and democracy in South Africa. Here you can view a series of video interviews – to be published in succession – with South African photographers. They tell us about some of their work and share their thoughts about South Africa, then and now. Read more here


Interview with Zuma

Shot some video while with the Telegraph in Pretoria to interview South African President Jacob Zuma about upcoming elections.

Telegraph Correspondent Damien McElroy is interviewing the President.

Dec 1st

Today I covered something else which I think unfortunately is really only likely to breed more division, so before the day is over, I want to honour what today is REALLY supposed to be about – World Aids Day – and honouring those who have died in the pandemic, and about holding hope for tomorrow. Limpho, who I met many years ago – and saw again earlier this year – instills such hope. After being ill most of her life, and close to dying, Limpho tested positive and started taking ARVs when she was 6 years old. In the past, Limpho was so ill her grandmother had to carry her on her back, but in this picture she is seven and walking home from school on her own. Many years later, I found Limpho still healthy, bigger, and attending the same school. So here is a flash back to the story about Limpho and others in the book Aids and Childhood in Southern Africa. Limpo’s story starts on page 78.

Knowledge is Power

The video section is now also stocked, starting with ‘Knowledge is Power’ about the Emusoi centre in Tanzania changing the lives of young Maasai girls by helping them escape child marriage and pursue an education. Also, here is a link to a ‘Learning the World’, a slideshow with images from the centre and from a visit with the girls to their mothers’ homes in their villages.

New website

OK. Sans a few needed captions, finally, here is the new website. (You can still get here from To begin with, there is the story here about Life in Kankoyo, Zambia, where residents live right next to a mine; ‘Digging For Rain,’ about humanitarian efforts in Ethiopia; and an excerpt from my exhibition about Women Miners in South Africa. Over time, I will add more stories the different categories. Hope you enjoy!

Image from the Women miners story

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